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  • Catalogers should add spaces after commas and semicolons and before parentheses. No spaces before or after a colon, hyphen, or period. More information about punctuation in extent of holdings statements is presented on a separate page on this site. Note that NCSU practice diverges slightly from the spacing policy established by
    ANSI/NISO Z39.71, for which a link is provided from the Extent of Holdings page.


If you have a question, or there is a discrepancy, in the way that labels such as "ed.", "vol.", etc. have been applied, please follow the labels that were used in field 362 in the bibliographic record. Please refer to Punctuation and Abbreviations for use in Holding Statements.

Holdings Information

Fixed Field}


Rec_Type = Record TypeMARC21 character position: LDR/06

By default, the record type in newly created records is y. It should be changed for non-serial item holdings.

v = Multipart item holdings

Multivolume monograph (not used at NCSU)

x = Single-part item holdings

Currently this is used for preservation photocopies.

y = Serial item holdings