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  1. Search for Collection name as a resource in E-matrix.  Note that many database/collections will have two entries in E-Matrix.  One will be labeled 'Article database,' the other will be labeled 'Collection'. Select the Collection entry.
  2. Resource records for collections will not have a Holdings Tab.  To edit the acquisition details, Click on Acquisition - Edit Details in the Resource Actions menu to the left of the screen. This will pull up the Acquisition Details editing options.
  3. Using the Data Dictionary for Acquisitions Details in E-Matrix determine the Aquisitions Type and Payment Type and populate accordingly.

    Example of Completed Record for Business Source Premier
  4. After selecting options as appropriate for the acquisition details, click 'Overwrite.' (The only Acquisitions Details that now trigger the locally-modified flag are Acquisitions Type and Payment Type.)
    Note: Changes to the acquisitions details may take a while to process.  Once these changes have been saved, you will see the following message at the top of the screen:  "Acquisition details saved."
  5. When changes are saved, click on the related resources tab and select a title.  Click on the holdings tab and verify that the options you selected are represented under the appropriate holding.

    Example of completed Acquisition Details at the title level