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NCSU Libraries purchased the complete A/V Geeks DVD collection in 2011. Following are the cataloging guidelines and procedures, which supplement our existing Videos DVD & VHS and RDA for DVD cataloging procedures. The complete A/V Geeks DVD Collection contains titles from four different sources:

  1. A/V Geeks Present
  2. Atomic Age Classics
  3. Classical Educational Shorts
  4. Educational Archives

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Cataloging Practice for All A/V Geek Collection DVDs


  • In accordance with our current RDA Test practice, all new original cataloging is be created using RDA. Any A/V Geek titles requiring original cataloging should be done in RDA.
  • Copy cataloging should be evaluated and accepted/updated according to our Policy on RDA Monographic Cataloging Policy


  • All titles in the A/V Geeks DVD Collection are classed together under the local education films class number (LB1044.E4)
  • Subarranged by title (use the regular LC Cutter table, with expansion if needed)
    • Note: for A/V Geeks Present titles, cutter for the title of the DVD (e.g. Math!, Best of A/V Geeks Vol. 2, etc.) not the phrase "A/V Geeks Present"
  • Use 260 $c (date) as final call number element
  • Include classificaiton number in OCLC master record when performing original cataloging