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Special Collections identified a portion of the Simulation Archives collection (monographs and conference proceedings) to be cataloged for the General Collection and other items to be cataloged for Special Collections. Orion requested M&C catalog the monographs for inclusion in the bookBot. All duplicates will be retained as added copies/volumes. A 590 and 710 note will be added to Simulation Archives monograph bibliographic records.

Policy and Procedure

Keep all copies

Bibliographic Record

The 590 and 710 fields are added to ALL monographic bibliographic records, including added copy/added volume.

590 field

Simulation Archives MARC records will contain one 590 field:

   For items from specific, known donors the 590 should contain the donor's name, e.g.:

      590    Gift of Robert G. Sargent.

      590    Gift of Richard E. Nance.


   For items without specific donor information:

      590    The Simulation Archives has been developed in collaboration with and through the support of NC State faculty from the Department of Industrial Engineering and scholars such as James W. Wilson, Robert G. Sargent, Richard Nance, Julian Reitman, and Alan  Pritsker.

710 field (see Special Collections SCRC Collection Added Entry Points)

     710 2# Simulation Archives (North Carolina State University)|5NcRS

Volume/Copy Record

Library and home location vary depending on whether the title is being added to the general collection or Special Collections.

General Collection

No new general collection titles received post-Hunt. Prior to Hunt, titles for the general collection were orginally cataloged with library = SATELLITE. If additional titles are received, check with Orion Pozo to determine library. (cpa 4/5/2013)

  • Type = BOOK
  • Home location = STACKS
  • Item Cat2 = GIFT
Special Collections
  • Call number library = SPECCOLL
  • Home location = SATELLITE
  • Item Cat2 = GIFT