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Procedure to reinstate a print serial order:

Acquisition Related Tasks:

Update the existing Purchase Order in Sirsi: If Reinstated in Same Fiscal Year - Process is different if reinstating from Previous Fiscal Year  *Christenna will add to page*
  1. On the Order tab:
    1. Update the Order type to = CHILD, SUBSCRIPT, or MEMBERSHIP
  2. On the Orderline tab update the following fields:
    1. Populate Unit Price to encumber the subscription cost.
    2. Populate Quantity = 1
    3. Confirm the Material type.
    4. Populate Days in sub period as 365.
    5. Populate Renewal date.
      NOTE: This will trigger the order roll at the end of the fiscal cycle and will always be 6/15/XXXX where XXXX corresponds to the second half of the current fiscal cycle. For example, orders from the 2010 fiscal cycle will have a Renewal date of 6/15/2011.
  3. Under Additional Orderline Information, update the following fields as necessary: See Orderline Notes for Dated Orders
    1. SELECTOR – initials of the collection manager who selected title.
    2. RELATION – this note specifies a parent/child relationship.
    3. LOCATION – populate if title is ordered on behalf of a branch library.
    4. VENDTITLE – this is the subscription ID provided by the vendor. (See the Data Dictionary for more info on constructing this number.)
    5. SUBSTART – the year this subscription was first purchased.
    6. SUBBEGIN – the date of the start of the subscription period paid for in this fiscal cycle.
    7. SUBEND – the date of the end of the subscription period paid for in this fiscal cycle.
    8. RIP – classification provided by the selector.
    9. Add note: A note explaining why the title was reinstated – with your initials and the date.
    10. NOTES: additional fields may be used for special notations about billing, ordering, vendor information and subscription status
  4. On Segments tab
    1. Confirm Fund ID. See Fund code structure and definitions
    2. Confirm Holding Code
    3. Populate Funding quantity = 1
    4. Populate Distributed quantity = 1


    1. Add any necessary Notes describing why title is reinstated (i.e. Cancelled but reinstated instead – with your initials and the date)

:        On the Expected tab:

    1. Create predictions


Cataloging Related Tasks:

1. Review and update existing bibliographic record in Sirsi, as needed.2. Update MARC holdings record (also called the MFHD record or simply MFHD) fixed fields and summary statement accordingly.

Image Removed

  •  Acq_Stat – change from 5 (canceled) to 4 (current)
  •  For periodicals, replace “Not currently received” note with “Newest issue … “
  •  For continuations, replace "Not currently received" note with "Currently received."
  •  Update existing 866 summary statement as follows: If existing 866 reads: v.11:no.4 (1986)-v.19 (1994)

                                                                        1st Example:
                                                                        Title is reinstated with v.20, no.1, 1995
                                                                        Change 866 to read: v.11:no.4 (1986)-|zIssues missing.

                                                                        2nd Example:
                                                                        Title is reinstated with v. 26, no. 1, 2006
                                                                        Change 866 to read: v.11:no.4 (1986)-|zIssues missing.

Note: We aren't adding any gaps to the MFHD, even if they span years; gap/s would be indicated by |z Issues missing, as in the two examples above.

  Be sure to confirm bibliographic record is "unshadowed".