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  1. Receipt of Invoice and Physical Material or Access
    1. Retain all packing slips. If material arrives without a packing slip or paperwork of any kind, a copy should be made of the front of the envelope material arrives in.
    2. If the physical original invoice is smaller than a half page, tape all four sides onto a full blank sheet of paper. Do not place tape over any printed information on the original invoice.
    3. If the original invoice is not legible, request a new invoice from the vendor.
    4. Stamp all paperwork (receipt, invoice, packing slip or copy of envelope ) with Invoice Verification stamp. Be sure to place stamp on totals page in a location where it can be filled out.  
      1. Invoice Received: add date and initals on copy with totalinitials 
      2. Goods/Services Received:
        1. Physical Item - add date and initials Eresource - add for when the item was received and who received it. 
        2. Electronic item - use the invoice date and the initials of receiver. (if resource is subscription based, use subscription date range in leu lieu of invoice date)
    5. For continuing electronic resources write subscription dates on the invoice if not printed.
    6. If the invoice processing date is more than 30 days after the invoice date, we must note the reason why on the invoice.
    7. If For prepaid monographs, note estimated date material should arrive at NCSU.
    8. Redact all vendor banking and tax information from the invoice. This can be done with the use of a blank sharpie or white out. Exception: Foreign currency invoices that will be paid by check should not be redacted.
    9. Review all paperwork (receipt, invoice, packing slip or copy of envelope)
      1. Receipt/invoice contains all needed information - if credit card receipt staff makes copyinformation 
        1. Titles
        2. Total
        3. Correct billing information
      2. Receipt/invoice is not complete
        1. Locate in shared drive if credit card - staff make copyIf Pcard purchase, locate in shared email and print copy.  If copy can't be found contact vendor. 
        2. If packing slip only, hold material until invoice arrives and staff make copycontact vendor for invoice.
  2. Sirsi/Workflows Process
    1. Determine payment method from Ext. Info in P.O.
      1. Check (paperwork)
      2. Credit Card (paperwork)
      3. Deposit Account (paperwork)
      4. Prepay (see Prepaid Firm Orders) (no longer used)
    2. Receive material in Sirsi
    3. Invoice Creation (Manual/Auto)
    4. Pay Invoice
  3. Prepare Invoice Packet (Check Payment ONLY)
    1. Paper clip all paperwork in the following order:
      1. Signature Stamp
      2. Invoice
      3. Packing slip(s) (if available) or
      4. Copy of envelope (Serials)
      Monograph invoice
    2. Invoice packets are placed in bin for signature;  serials to Christenna.
  4. Other
    1. Returns and Credits - Returns and Credits - Invoice Preparation and Return Procedures
    2. Refunds
    3. Supplemental Invoices - Simply reverse the payment, then add an invoice line to the invoice, use FEE as the line, Copy Prorated as the link, and enter the additional amount needed (which will be an additional amount related to the currency conversion and usually an  international transaction fee), and prorate the invoice.  Then pay the invoice.
    4. Foreign Currency Conversion