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The style guide used for these diagrams can be downloaded here (in Visio format) and is filled on the G drive under G:\Acquisitions & Discovery\Department Administration\Workflows\Workflow Style Guide_FINAL.vsd

Overview of processes

This diagram identifies the major workflows performed by the Serials Unit. Processes in bold have been mapped and can be found on this page. Processes in italics have yet to be mapped.


Acquisition and description

New order processing

License negotiationNegotiation

Access point creation (print resources)

Access point creation (electronic resources)

Process Invoice

360MARC new journal records

360MARC updated journal recordsrecords

360MARC deleted journal recordsrecords

ILL Article ordering

Process New E-Journal Package

Transfer Titles


Renewals and cancellations


Bibliographic maintenancePerform E-Journal Package MaintenanceRecord Changes - Ceased Title (All Formats)

Bibliographic Record Changes - Format Change (P to E-Only)

Bibliographic Records Changes - Frequency & Miscellaneous

Bibliographic Record Changes – Title Change (All Formats)

Package Maintenance & Renewal

Inventory control

Print serials check-in

Print serials claims

Print standing orders and continuations receiving

Electronic serials access verificationSerials Access Verification Using E-Matrix


Hunt Binding