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Patrons may request to be notified when access is available for ebooks purchased from Gobi. These requests are sent to the Monographs Specialist through email or blurb.

  • When the Coral title is ordered in Gobi, add the Notify information to the note line when Entering Details.Print
  • Watch for the Gobi title record as a reminder to notify.
  • Wait 24 hours, then check Gobi to see if the title has the status "shipped."
    • If the status is other than "shipped," wait another 24 hours and check again.
  • Confirm the full-text of the title can be accessed via Endeca and send the following email to the patron who placed the hold using the account:
  • Change the wording record load with URL
  • If more than three days, go to and search your title.
  • Look for the YBP NOA email, open the one that appears and look for your title.  
  • Click on the URL to ensure full-text access. 
  • Grab the URL, drop-in the Notification email to be sent, and add the proxy.  –(from the EBSCO ebook page, click Permalink (right side list).  Grab the full URL which includes proxy)
  • Use the created draft in acq-monographs email  or copy this text


Thank you for requesting NCSU Libraries to purchase the following book: [INSERT TITLE]. The Libraries purchased this title in ebook format. You may see a slight delay before you can access this title from the Library Catalog:

You may access this title by using the following direct link.  



NCSU Libraries Acquisitions & Discovery Department: LINK from NOA EMAIL HERE)

Please be aware that the title may not appear in the Library Catalog for a few days.

If you have any difficulties accessing this title, please let us know.