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  • 5xx (Note Fields)
    You may see a variety of notes explaining the source and/or nature of the title. Some of them may look a little goofy (e.g., "Proceedings of the conference."). Don't worry about the content or format of these being standardized in any way. Just accept them as is.

*WorldCat Examples of NCSU-Created Records for Conference ? Proceedings:*

  • o# 857306959 (... PLACE)
  • o# 857083822 (Biodegradable Plastics in Packaging Applications European Conference)
  • o# 712217427 (... Recycling Technology Conference)
  • o# 716032062 (... PTS-Symposium)
  • o# 835703314 (Proceedings of the ... ACM Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces)