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Default Account Errors (Supplies) - Tracks expenditures made against default Supplies accounts (52300, 52600, 52821, 52900) that should be against collections accounts.  These will require JV requests to Finance & Business so that SumTotal column is $0.  See Reconciling Default Account Errors (Supplies) for more details.

Invoices With Account Mismatch Between Sirsi and PS - This query reports invoices that are paid against different accounts in Sirsi and PeopleSoft.  These discrepancies are usually resolved by asking for an invoice to be JVed to the correct account number in PeopleSoft. This query excludes invoices found in the “Invoices Paid Across Multiple Accounts” query because they appear as errors even when they are correctly paid.  If invoices are incorrectly picked up by the query (often due to PeopleSoft irregularities), the invoice number can added to the Exceptions Sirsi PeopleSoft Invoices table and it will no longer appear. This query should be run at least every week to create the authoritative Invoices With Sirsi Vs PS Account Mismatch table in the primary reconciler’s database that all of the other databases are linked to.