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NOTE: At the end of the fiscal year, a Sirsi account total expenditure should not be greater than a PS account total expenditure (Diff would be negative a positive number in this case); this situation requires investigation.  Conversely, if a PS account total expenditure is more than what has been spent in Sirsi, it just means that non-A&D-related purchases have been made on the account.  Notify Maria of the Endowment account statuses at the end of the fiscal year.  She oversees any account balance resets that need to happen in Sirsi at the beginning of the new fiscal year

Compare Sirsi Invoices to Fund Data Query - Compares how much is spent against each fund code in the Sirsi Invoices Current FY table and the Sirsi Fund Data table.  This query helps users verify that the daily Sirsi invoice reports are not failing to export invoices, given that certain errors prevent invoices and orders from exporting properly.  When these errors happen, discrepancies will appear between the two tables in this query.  The Sirsi Fund Data table is based on the Wfdata file (G:\Acquisitions & Discovery\ILS\UnicornReports\Budget_reports) which is created by an automated process every day at 6:00 AM.  
There are several reasons that discrepancies may appear in this report: