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These “DBR” and “DSR” tables are the source data for the “Daily Subject Report” and the “Daily Budget Report” and its associated subreports, with the exception of the “PeopleSoft Budget Totals” line, which is populated by the “PeopleSoftBudget,” “PeopleSoftEncumbrances” and “PeopleSoftTransactions” tables.  As the source data is changed each day, the content of the reports changes and PDFs of the “Daily Subject Report” and the “Daily Budget Report” are exported to G:\CMACQ\Budget Reports[fiscal year] to provide a snapshot of each day’s budget report.  See also Troubleshooting and Adjusting for Changes to the Daily Budget and Subject Reports and DBR Full Reset Query.

PeopleSoft vs. Sirsi Query - Invoices that appear in PeopleSoft and not Sirsi.  Invoices often appear in this query due to a slight difference in the invoice number used in Sirsi and the one used in PeopleSoft.  If it is discovered that the invoice is present in both systems but there is a difference in the invoice number, the primary reconciler will exclude both invoice numbers by adding them to ExceptionsSirsiPeopleSoftInvoices table (in Matt's database).  This query should be run every day to create the authoritative PeopleSoft vs. Sirsi  table in the primary reconciler’s database that all of the other databases are linked to.