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When the Total Operating Expenditures totals in the WolfPack Reporting System (WRS) report don't match our totals on page 2 of the Daily Budget Report, it may be necessary to execute a hard reset to capture all current FY PS transactions, not just those of the current month as captured by the DBR_CURRMONTH query. In PeopleSoft query manager, run the DBR_FULL_RESET query. Double-check that the query's criteria is for the current fiscal year by going to Edit → Criteria, then locating the A.FISCAL_YEAR row, and editing the year as necessary (for example, for FY 20-21, enter 2021). This query captures ALL completed and current accounting periods of the fiscal year (was created by copying the DBR_CURRMONTH query, and then removing the accounting period criteria from the query). Download the query results as usual, into an Excel spreadsheet saved to Downloads or Desktop.