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  • Theme Issues and Special Issues:
    If the proceeding has some subject-specific theme, (e.g., The Conference of the North American Packagement Society : Title Transfers, Friend or Foe?) we will be more likely to catalog it as a monograph. The monograph record would allow us delve more deeply into the subject of the title using more specific subject headings and the call number.
    Sometimes a conference proceeding will be published as a special issue of an existing journal and a collection manager may want that special issue to be discoverable by title. We would treat this issue like any other of the journal, checking it in on the control and not cataloging it separately, but we would add a 711 to the journal record to bring out the unique title. (We get these requests a little less often than we used to.)

For more detailed information regarding record selection for new conference proceedings, see the corresponding section under Monograph or Serial?.

Specific Coding Considerations