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NOTE: The RDA test period is over and this documentation is in the process of being archived. As such, you may encounter missing content or broken links.

NCSU Libraries is happy to provide open accessibility to our Resource Description & Access (RDA) materials. While our goal is to make as many materials as open as possible, visitors should note that they may find occasional pages restricted throughout this site (logins, staff information, etc.). Most decisions applied to the US RDA Test period., we've indicated updated policy and procedure where needed. We are happy for feedback on this site.  Please email Christee Pascale, Associate Head, Acquisitions & Discovery or Charley Pennell, Principal Cataloger, NCSU Libraries.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

RDA Toolkit

NCSU Local Policy & Procedures

Relevant LC Documentation

Questions, Clarifications, and Curiosities

NCSU RDA Test Workflows

NCSU RDA Test Workforms

Monographic Formats

Continuing Resources Formats

NCSU RDA Test Practice Record Electronic Surrogates & RDA MARC 21 Test Record Examples

Monographic Formats

Continuing & Integrating Resource Formats

Other Institution MARC21 RDA Record Examples

NCSU RDA Training Documentation

PowerPoint Presentations:

Training Documents:

NCSU RDA Presentations

NCSU RDA Test Wrap-up


NCSU's RDA test documentation has been retired and archived.

Staff in the Acquisitions & Discovery Department can access archived documentation at G:\Acquisitions & Discovery\Archive\Confluence\RDA Test Documentation. However, this documentation is no longer maintained or current and should not be used in cataloging work going forward.


NCSU Local RDA Test Participant Information