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  • Firm INPROCESS Charge Error Report: a system generated failed transaction file that reports call number/item records that failed to update the current location field from ON-ORDER to INPROCESS during an automated load.
  • Each failed transaction must be manually flipped from ON-ORDER to INPROCESS using the INPROCESS procedure
    • Tip: Use the barcode in the error report (see below)
  • Failed transactions happen due to:
    • Holds
    • Item already being charged to user (usually a rush or c. 2)
  • INPROCESS Charge Error Reports are emailed automatically from the system to Christee and Dawn after a load.  (Christee processes the reports.)

Sample Record (email from Dawn Pearce to Christee Pascale)

(1.) E201002031526100045R ^S01CVFFADMIN^FEDHHILL^FcNONE^FWPDPEARCE^NQ99935400811^UOINPROCESS^^O00069
(2.) E201002031526100045F ^@01ZAMAItem has holds^MN252^DT1^Oe^HL000656952^HMBARHAM, BEVERLY^HKC^HIN^HODHHILL^IQHD58.8 .A716 2009^I4HD58.8 .A716 2009^IS1^IAAndriopoulos, Constantine.IBManaging change, creativity and innovation^UOINPROCESS^Uk^UATechnical Services- In Process^O00243jj

  • The first line is my original api request to Sirsi to check the itemid (preceeded by "NQ") out to INPROCESS
  • The second line is the fail message, translated out into "readable" format. It will give you:
    • the reason the transaction failed (Item has holds)
    • who it's on hold for (if that is the fail reason)
    • the title
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