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When a collection of journal articles is received in an electronic, physical format, such as a DVD-ROM, CD-ROM or flash drive, it is monographic by nature and is cataloged as a monograph.

However, because it is an archive of past journal articles, it will also be cataloged for inclusion on the Journal list.

  1. Catalog title as a monograph.
  2. For inclusion on the Journal list:
    1. Add a DVD-ROM (or CD-ROM, etc.) item record to the serial record for the journal title. It’s OK to add to a print record.
    2. Under the MARC holdings,
      1. Add a MEDIA location for the holding library.
      2. Add an |x note in the 852 explaining that the item is cataloged as a monograph and giving the OCLC# or CATKEY.
        DVD-ROM cataloged as monograph on #o01754597.
        Flash drive cataloged as monograph on CATKEY # 12345.
      3. In the 866, add a summary holdings note, such as:
        $80 $a1972-2005 historical backfile on DVD-ROM.
        $80 $a1985-2015 historical backfile on flash drive.

See Journal of forensic sciences for example (#o01754597)