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Printing Special Collections Call Number Labels

Due to the fragile nature of Special Collections books, we use acid-free call number sticks for them, rather than adhering a barcode in the usual way.  Therefore, catalogers (or Acquisitions, as the case may be) will either cut out a regular barcode (with backing attached) or use a piggyback on a scrap sheet of paper before the acid-free labels are printed. These are printed using the HP LaserJet 1020 currently at the student workstation.  If using a computer other than the one at the student workstation, you will need to have the printer added to your computer and ensure under File--Print Setup that you have the LaserJet 1020 selected.

In Sirsi:

  • Click on the Reports wizard and Schedule New Reports
  • Under Templates, double-click on the report named "Spec. Coll."
  • Give your report a distinct name on the basic tab.
  • Click on the Item IDs tab, then click on the widget.
  • Scan in the barcodes
  • When finished, click on Save
  • Click on Run Now
  • Click on Display Finished Reports.  It may take a minute for the report you just ran to show up in the "Finished" box.  When it does, you will see it with your date and time stamp.
  • Double-click on the report you just ran when it appears.
  • A box will appear that reads "Schedule New Reports: View Finished Reports." Uncheck the "View log" and "Format report" boxes, then click OK.
  • Now you are in a print preview where you can review the labels to make sure everything looks fine.  Be sure the call number reads as in the example. You can edit the labels here if the need arises.

    Home location (STACKS, FACULTY PUB)
    barcode number (this will print out)

  • Once all Click the printer icon.

Now that the labels are printed, they can be divided using the paper cutter near the regular printers. 

Remove the top portion of the piggyback barcode from the existing slip of paper and place on the new acid free strip, below the call number.