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Processing Instructions

No Levine books should be discarded

  • All records include 590 note: The Jack Levine Collection of Mystery & Suspense.
  • Subject headings are not required for fiction
  • Item Cat 2 = GIFT
  • Added copies:
    • Do NOT reclass existing held volumes with PZ call numbers
      • If call number of held volume uses PZ call number, create a separate CALL NUMBER/ITEM record for Levine title and assign the correct LC author fiction number
      • If call number of held volume uses correct LC author fiction number, add Levine title to same call number record as added copy.
  • Dust jackets WILL BE RETAINED.
    • Cataloger will duplicate barcode for volumes with dust jacket. Apply standard barcode to back book cover. Duplicate will be placed on dust jacket.
  • Placed cataloged books on the Marking truck labeled "Levine"
  • All books use Jack Levine book plate

2013 Cataloging Project

  • Remainder of Levine Collection will be cataloged and processed for Hill Stacks (approx. 1500 vols, 82% of collection)

Collection Move

  • Approximately 1500 volumes will move from Hill Ground Floor Reading Room to Hunt bookBot for temporary storage Oct. 1, 2013 - Oct. 4, 2013:
  • ADS will pull one large white double-sided truck per day and deliver to Preservation
  • Preservation will vacuum books and alert Building Services when ready to move
  • Building Services will move books to Hunt bookBot
  • bookBot staff will process collection for temporary storage in bin(s). Titles are not cataloged and do not have barcodes. They will not be ingested through the bookBot or Sirsi. They will be stored as a collection in dedicated bin(s).

Cataloging & Marking

  • bookBot staff will pull 50-70 books per week for A&D (Rob Loomis will work with Carl Pirano to coordinate weekly pulls.)
  • Volume count (provided by Carl 10/3/13): 1325
  • A&D will catalog 50-70 books per week (project leader: Rob):
    • Cataloiging start: October 7, 2013
    • Expectations: experienced catalogers catalog 10 books/week (approx. 1-1.5 hours/week); beginning catalogers catalog 1-3 books/week after receiving call number training
    • Project leader provides project cataloging & marking oversight: (1) distributes Levine books to cataloger's weekly and monitor weekly progress for all project staff; (2) updates documentation as needed; (3) provides training and answers questions; (4) monitors marking for quality assurance
    • Time frame: at 70 books per week, the project will run approximately 22 weeks, finishing mid to late February 2014
  • A&D will mark cataloged books:
    • Create duplicate barcodes for volumes with book jackets (dup barcode on jacket, library barcode on back outside cover)
    • Stamp and tape
    • Spine label with LC call number will replace any volumes with label: MYSTERY and author last name
    • Apply Jack Levine book plate to all volumes
      • Most vols are already plated
  • A&D will send marked books to Hill ADS weekly:
    • Hold all books in a single bin and send once a week
    • Bin does not need to be labeled or marked other than Hill ADS

2010 Cataloging Project

  • 16 shelves of the collection will be cataloged and shifted into the stacks
  • Volumes will be moved to 3rd floor, outside cage
  • M&C will use student employees to perform copy cataloging on identified volumes
  • Approximate number of volumes to be cataloged: 496
  • 590 field will be included in bibliographic records to identify donor/collection
  • Impacts:
    • Approximately 18% of the collection will be cataloged
    • Cataloged materials will be barcoded and will require LC call number spine labels (and possibly stamping and taping)
  • Brooks will vacuum volumes (done)
  • Brooks will search for records in OCLC Connexion. He will download records. Any records meeting certain criteria|\ will be flagged and set aside for staff to work on.
  • Brooks will apply the macro with the 590 note: The Jack Levine Collection of Mystery & Suspense to each book he catalogs. <CTRL> <SHIFT> <L>

Collection Information and Statistics

  • Closed collection received as a gift
  • Uncataloged
  • Barcodes - no
  • Shelf Processing
    • Security taped - unknown
    • Stamped - unknown
    • Spine labels: Yes

[Author last name]

  • Collection Size:
    • Approximate # of books per shelf: 31
    • Number of shelves: 90.5
    • Approximate number of volumes: 2806
  • No labels