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The Monographs unit is responsible for searching INPROCESS materials with patron holds placed on them. This policy and procedure address this process.

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Sirsi Report

  • Sirsi runs an automated report daily to find items with patron hold/request and Home location = INPROCESS
  • The report is emailed to all Monograph unit staff daily

Hill / Hunt Materials Policy and Procedure

Hill and Hunt Materials not yet cataloged
  • Work with Unit to determine if the material is received and its location
  • If material has not arrived check record in Sirsi.  Item may have not been checked out to ONORDER properly. Try to determine if this is the case.
  • Hold report and search two more times in a week.
  • After three failed searches, Check item out to MISSING patron.
Hill and Hunt Materials cataloged

If the cataloging process on an item has been completed:

  • Check catalogers area making sure item is not still there.
  • Check the marking shelves.
  • If found add a RUSH flag and place the item on the Rush cart for priority marking.
  • If not found:

Branch Materials Policy and Procedure

Branch Materials not yet cataloged
  • Follow above, not yet cataloged procedure
Branch Materials cataloged   (A&D no longer has a method of checking to see if the spine label has been generated)

Determine if marking process was performed on the title

  • If spine label was generated
    • Contact the Branch; inform them a hold has been placed on one of their titles and that it is fairly likely the material may be at or on its way to the branch; ask them to search for the title.
      • If the branch locates the title, request that they check it in as soon as possible
      • If the branch does not locate the title, change the Sirsi item record Home location to MISSING and record statistic
  • If spine label was not generated, search carts awaiting marking

Shelf Ready Policy and Procedure

Shelf Ready Cataloged Titles


  1. Item Cat2 = YBPCAT


  1. Do not pull title or mark as Rush. Allow book to travel through system as shelf ready
  2. Mark statistic on INPROCESS Hold Search Statistics confluence page
Shelf Ready Uncataloged Titles


  1. Item Cat2 = YPBNOCAT


  1. Search for title in the Shelf Ready section of the book room, pull and treat as Rush
  2. Mark statistic on INPROCESS Hold Search Statistics confluence page

Monograph Unit Inprocess Hold Documents

INPROCESS Hold Search - Titles Currently in Search Process
INPROCESS Hold Search Statistics
Monograph Unit INPROCESS Hold Search Schedule