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Login to Symphony

Special > MARC Import

  • Behavior:
    • Use BIP = unchecked
    • Use Non-MARC Microlif = unchecked
  • Defaults:
    • Catalog format: MARC
    • Authority format: TOPICAL

  • Select OK

MARC Import > Import (tab):

  • File Type: MARC
  • Source: browse for file on drive where saved
  • Destination: give the file a unique name
  • Select Import
  • Is Diskette Ready? = Yes
  • Are there more files to upload? = No
  • Symphony will return a log page. Note that the number of records in the file matches the number of marc record(s) processed.


  • Select Cancel (no other tabs in the MARC Import wizard are used)

Reports > Schedule New Report

  • Accept default settings
  • Either copy an existing Load report or create a new one from scratch

Load Tab > Input File

  • File to load = name entered in "Destination" step above
  • File format = MARC

Load Tab > Key Matching

  • Title control number matching rule = c
  • Match on Title control number
  • Title control number source for incoming items = p

Load Tab > Process bibliographic delete status

  • Matching MARC records that contain a "d" in Leader/05 will be = Ignored

Load Tab > General Information

  • Update date cataloged = Today
  • Default record format = VM
  • Update title control information from title information entry = 948

Load Tab > Bibliographic record processing

  • Update bibliographic record when updating records = checked
  • Update publication year = checked
  • Remove entries listed on file "junktag" = checked
  • Remove subject headings: 35467

Load Tab > Call Number and copy processing

  • Holdings entry preprocess = None
  • Copy processing = v949
    • Note: all records in file must contain a 949 field
  • Call number load rules = LC,949,a,Y/LC,050,,N/LC,090,,N
  • Default holding code = ONL-VIDSTR
  • Update AUTO-assigned call numbers = checked
  • Create/update price from holdings statement, 020 subfield c = UNchecked

Load Tab > Error records

  • Write to error file
  • Select Run Now when ready to load records

Select "Run Now"

Finished Reports

  • View Log to make sure number of records read and loaded matches total in original MARC file
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