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The NCSU kindlestrikeforce listserv serves as the single point of notification for the library's Kindle ebook purchases. NCSU's current spam filter needs to be tweaked to ensure that kindlestrikeforce listserv messages are successfully delivered.

  1. Login to the NCSU Postini Message Center:
    1. Use your NCSU email address and Unity password
  2. Click on My Settings
  3. Click on Junk Settings > Approve Senders
  4. Add the following email addresses to Approved Senders:
  5. Click Update Approved Senders
  6. Add the following to Approved Domains:
  7. Click Update Approved Domains

Watch your email for Quarantine Summary messages to make sure all the kindlestrikeforce emails are being delivered to your inbox. If not, you may need to view the header or property information for both the kindlestrikeforce and Amazon emails to discover other addresses that need to be added to the approved senders list.

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