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In June 2010, LC announced plans to formally separate genre/form headings from LCSH to a new, standalone thesaurus: Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials (LCGFT). They are using a phased approach, evaluating and migrating headings on a discipline-by-discipline basis.

How do I find a list of the current LCGFT headings?

All current, valid LCGFT headings are listed available through:

1. Classification Web
  • Choose "Search Genre/Form Terms" from the Class Web Main Menu
2. OCLC Connexion
  • Choose Authorities > Browse Authorities > select "Genre"

How can I tell from a MARC authority record if the genre/form heading is LCGFT?

  • 040 $f lcgft
  • Fixed field Subj (008/Byte 11) = z

How do I code an LCGFT heading in a bibliographic record?

  • Second indicator = 7
  • $2 = lcgft

655 #7 $a LCGFT term. $2 lcgft

655 #7 $a Horror films. $2 lcgft

What if I need to apply a genre heading that isn't listed as LCGFT?

Topical headings LCSH (authority 150, bibliographic 650) can continue to be used as genre headings under the following conditions:

"If the scope note says that the heading is used for works of a given type, then it can be used as a 655 field. If the scope note says that a heading is used for works about (or on) a given topic, then it cannot be assigned to a 655 field. If there is no scope note, the the cataloger should use his or her best judgment," (LCGFT FAQ, June 2011 revision, Q35)


655 #0 $a Genre/Form term.

655 #0 $a Electronic books.

655 #0 $a Electronic journals.

Can LCFGT headings be used as topical headings in bibliographic records (e.g. bibliographic 650 fields)?


What disciplines have been converted from LCSH to LCGFT?

LC took LCGFT live on May 24, 2011 with moving images (films, television programs and video recordings), recorded sound and cartographic materials. As of August 18, 2011, music and religion are in process and literature is on the PSD timeline. Please check LC's Genre/Form Headings webpage for the most current information.