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A&D places Sirsi holds for items appearing on the INPROCESS Hold Report that are determined to likely be improperly discharged and available in the Hill or Hunt Stacks.


A&D uses Sirsi holds a part of the INPROCESS Holds procedure. When staff determine that a requested INPROCESS volume is likely in the Hill or Hunt Stacks, an elevated hold is placed on the item using the INPROCESS user account. The elevated hold status has two effects: (1) the hold is given first priority over any other holds on the item, and (2) the hold is pushed to the top of the ADS pull list, which is run 3 times a day.

Once the hold is placed, ADS staff will search for the volume. If found, ADS staff will:

  1. Discharge the item
  2. Clear the INPROCESS hold
  3. Fulfill the patron hold

If the item is not found, the item will enter the established missing workflow.


Placing a Hold Using the INPROCESS Patron Account
  1. From the Circulation tab, select the Holds menu
  2. Select Place Hold
    1. User ID = INPROCESS
    2. Item ID = barcode of requested item from INPROCESS Hold Report
    3. Pickup at = LIBRARY (based on where the book is)
    4. Check "Make hold first in queue"
  3. Select Get User Information
  4. Select Place Hold
Removing a User Hold
  1. From the Circulation tab, select the Holds menu
  2. Select Remove User Hold
  3. User ID = INPROCESS
  4. Select Get User Information
  5. Check the box next to the title for which you want to remove the hold
  6. Select Remove Holds