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  1. One copy of the invoice is required. Exception: Binding invoices - we will continue to send an original and a working copy to Finance & Business.
    NOTE: as of 7/11/12 we are no longer required to send a clean copy of the original to Finance & Business therefore the original is now the working copy.
  2. Stamp all pages of the invoice with Invoice Verification stamp and place totals page on top. Be sure to place stamp for the non total pages in a location where the voucher number can be filled out. Do not staple the pages.
  3. Initial and date both the "Invoice Received" and the "Goods/Services" lines of the Invoice Verification stamp on totals page.
  4. For continuing resource renewals, not the previous year's invoice number as follows: FY#### Invoice = [invoice # from Sirsi]
  5. Write the Peoplesoft project/account number near the Invoice Verification stamp (ex. 214050 55693). You can identify this number by using the "Display Funds Summary" widget in the Add invoice and/or Modify invoice windows in Sirsi.

    *Note: If funding is split between different projects or accounts and if there is shipping, reverse payment, delete the shipping amount from the invoice, and do display funds summary again and write down the amounts on each project/account without the shipping. This is because in Peoplesoft the shipping is on a separate line. Then add the shipping back to the invoice and pay again, using price prorated for the shipping.  Monographs procedure is slightly different. 
  6. Record Vendor ID on invoice.
  7. Slash Vendor name for filing.
  8. Redact vendor tax identification number(s) and all vendor banking information from invoice. Exception: Foreign currency invoices that will be paid by check should not be redacted.
  9. Receive materials in Sirsi against PO.
  10. Record PO# and line number on invoice if not included. ex. PO-24402/1
    NOTE: if invoice is paid against a fund rather than a PO, record the Fund code on the invoice.
  11. Paperclip the packing slip to the invoice (packing slip will be stapled to the back of the signature stamp page when the invoice is sent to Finance and Business).
  12. If the vendor has never been sent a check payment from NCSU:
    1. We must obtain a completed W-9 form for US vendors or a completed W-8BEN for international vendors.
    2. The W-9 form should be placed with the invoice when going to Finance & Business.
    3. Invoice requires phone number be written on copy.

Proceed to Invoice Creation.