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One copy of all receipts/invoices is required. The receipt must contain all item descriptions and total of the purchase.
NOTE: Signature stamp (audit page) not required for credit card purchases

  1. A receipt/invoices or for the credit card purchase can be obtained by any of the following:
    1. Arrived with material.
    2. Obtained from shared drive for credit card receipts.
    3. Received by mail.
  2. Stamp the original copy with Invoice Verification stamp. Be sure to place stamp in a location where it can be filled out.
  3. Stamp with Credit Card stamp.
  4. Note Vendor ID on invoice.
  5. Slash Vendor name for filing.
  6. Redact any vendor tax identification number(s) and all vendor banking information from receipt/invoice.
  7. Record PO# and line number on invoice if not included. ex. PO-24402/1
  8. Write the Peoplesoft project/account number near the Invoice Verification stamp (ex. 214050 55693). You can identify this number by using the "Display Funds Summary" widget in the Add invoice and/or Modify invoice windows in Sirsi. If there are multiple projects and/or accounts, write down the amount on each different one. The shipping cost should be price prorated and is included in this amount (unlike check paid invoices which have a separate shipping amount in Peoplesoft).
  9. If there is an international transaction fee, which there normally is for all foreign vendors, please just ask David Applegate to look it up in Peoplesoft or put a note on the invoice that international transaction fee needs to be added to invoice. Just as an fyi, you can also find this by looking in the PeopleSoftP-cardTransactions table in the Fund Statistics databases. The international transaction fee is usually the transaction after the payment to the foreign vendor. If the amount was paid in foreign currency, you can see the actual amount paid in this table too. David Applegate will add international transaction fees to Sirsi.
  10. Proceed to Invoice Creation.
  11. Monographs - Once Paid place in bookroom basket "to be filed."