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The Classics in Engineering and Textiles Collection is a small collection (approx 500 items) built by Orion P. (former Collections Librarian) bringing together technology, engineering and textiles classics based, in part, on the recommendations from faculty and others in this discipline. Recommendation information was captured and displayed on the physical volume and the bibliographic record.

Collection Details

Other Collection Details
  • Endeca display: Classics in Engineering & Textiles, Hunt Library
  • Circulation policy: standard circulating collection with normal circulation periods

A&D Procedures

New Orders (as of 2014, no new items have been added to this collection; instructions below are retained for reference)

  • New item orders will be sent to Specialist with instructions to order for Classics collection
  • Collection managers will include any recommendation information at point of order
  • A&D will enter recommendation information in order record (when available)
  • Fund code: USFIR-CLAS  (use whatever fund is chosen)
  • Holding code: TECCLASSIC
  • Call library = HUNT
  • Home location = TECCLASSIC
  • YBP subaccount: 3010-14

This collection is not currently included in the YBP shelf ready program. YBP does not handle customized book plates.


Bookplates are being used to capture the following recommendation information, when provided:

  • Recommender name
  • Recommender text

Not all books in this collection will have a recommender bookplate

See Marking Procedures for bookplate placement

A&D staff will create bookplate at point of receipt

TEC CLASSIC bookplate with recommendation attachment

TEC CLASSIC bookplate BASIC attachment

Cataloging Procedures

Bibliographic record
  • Add 590 note for Classics in Engineering and Textiles. Include recommender name and recommendation text when applicable.
    • Enter note text as found on bookplate.
    • 590 note examples:

590 ## $aClassics in Engineering and Textiles.

590 ## $aClassics in Engineering and Textiles. This book was recommended by Dr. Firstname Lastname.

590 ## $aClassics in Engineering and Textiles. This book was recommended by Dr. Douglas S. Reeves: "Not only better than its predecessors, better than its successors. C has been an amazingly successful and long-lasting programming language, largely due to the elegance and beauty of this text."

Call Number/Item record
  • Call library = HUNT
  • Home location = TECCLASSIC

Marking Procedures

  • Spine Label Prefix = CET
  • Bookplate placement preference: inside back cover
  • Hunt sticker
    • This collection is scheduled to go to Hunt open shelving