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This document leads the user through the steps used in capture, transformation, and uploading of Open Content Alliance metadata into OCLC and then into NCSU's Unicorn catalog.

Capture MARC XML metadata from Open Content Alliance Website

  • From the HTTP Index page, right click on the file with marc.xml extension; save link to g:\Cataloging\Metadata\Open Content Alliance\pending

  • DLI has devised a local script page which automatically harvests OCA metadata and stores it at T:\depts\cataloging\oca\marcxml

Transform OCA XML to MARC21

  • From MarcEdit, choose Tools, then Batch Process Records
  • Source directory should be g:\Cataloging\Metadata\Open Content Alliance\pending; File Types: (blank); Function: OCAxml=>MARCXML
  • Click on Process

  • Transformed files will be in g:\Cataloging\Metadata\Open Content Alliance\pending\processed_files
  • If resulting MARC XML file has 0 bytes:
    • Open corresponding file in g:\Cataloging\Metadata\Open Content Alliance\pending\ in Oxygen XML editor
    • Check file for duplicate subfields in 260; fix
    • Run MARC Breaker on single files, saving to g:\Cataloging\Metadata\Open Content Alliance\Pending\processed_files to overwrite bad files
  • From MarcEdit, run Batch Process Records again, this time to transform MARC XML to MARC

  • End result of this process will be separate MARC records for each scanned volume in g:\Cataloging\Metadata\Open Content Alliance\Pending\processed_files\processed_files
  • From MarcEdit, choose Tools, then MARCjoin
    • Source File: will be the name you wish the end file to have (I use OCAmmdd.mrc, where mm=month, dd=day)
    • File(s) to Join: will be the contents of g:\Cataloging\Metadata\Open Content Alliance\Pending\processed_files\processed_files; highlight all files (CTRL A) to grab all

  • If you have multi-volume sets to combine before batching to OCLC, open the joined MARC file in Marc Breaker and copy 856s for 2nd, 3rd volume to the record for 1st volume; add $zVol. 1, $Vol. 2, etc. to 856; delete bib records for extra volumes

Import transformed records into WorldCat

  • Open OCLC Connexion
  • From File open Import Records to import the file into your local save file.
  • Enter the path/filename to your saved MARC records, usually g:\Cataloging\Metadata\Open Content Alliance\Pending\OCAmmdd.mrc
  • In answer to the question "Delete Original File", say NO

  • Within OCLC Connexion, login to WorldCat and open your local save file. Today's records should have "NEW" in "Control #" and today's date in "Date/Time Added".
  • Check/edit each record, validate, and UPDATE to utility. Common problems here include:
    • Diacritics which don't translate into the MARC XML
    • Non-AACR2 punctuation not caught by XSLT
    • Capitalization of corporate names, especially in 245, 260, & 4xx
    • Use of abbreviated publisher statement in 260$b ("University Press", "The Department", "Gov't Printing Ofc")
    • Untraced series that should be traced
    • Unacceptable characters in 776 $w (DLC), usually prefixes such as "agr"; simply remove these
  • Highlight all records processed for the week and export to your computer

Load OCLC export file into Unicorn

  • In Unicorn, open MARCImport wizard, import file onto Unicorn server using filename you will remember (OCAmmdd.mrc)
  • From New report menu, Templates, open Load OCA titles, enter file name assigned above on Load tab, File to load.
  • From Finished reports, check finished report to ensure records loaded|