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a.k.a. Science Fiction

The Science in Fiction collection is a supplementary reading collection focused on science fiction and science in fiction.

Collection Information
  • Endeca display: Science in Fiction  
  • Circ policy: standard circulating collection with normal circulation periods, holds allowed
  • Hardcover is prefered
  • Retain dust jackets for hard cover titles
  • Orders will come through CORAL
A&D Information
Order Info
  • Fund code: USFIR-SCIF
  • Holding code: HUN-SCIFI
  • Library = HUNT
  • Location = SCIFI

Retain dust jackets for hard cover titles

Cataloging Procedures
  • Library = HUNT
  • Location = SCIFI

Barcode on back cover and jacket

RFID tag will be encoded and inserted during marking

Physical Processing
  • Spine label prefix: SCIFI
  • No labels