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This policy and procedure addresses how to process shelf ready fallout. Books 'fallout' of the shelf-ready program for several reasons:

  1. The supplied vendor record failed to load, usually because the ISBN in the shelf ready book record matches an ISBN already in the database. These materials have a spine label.
  2. A bib record was not available either through the vendor (using LC Books English database) or OCLC WorldCat when the title was processed. These materials do not have spine label.
  3. A bib record was available at the time of processing that either lacked a call number or contained an incomplete call number. These materials do not have a spine label.
  4. Inaccurate barcode data was passed through the vendor-supplied constant data.

For more information about the shelf ready program, please see Shelf Ready -- Hill Firm and Approval

Processing shelf ready fallout does not differ from our standard local copy and original cataloging procedures:

1.  Search Sirsi for a record
2.  Confirm barcode on piece matches Call Number/Item record Item ID field
3.  Note the Library
4.  Search OCLC WorldCat for a record match
5.  Perform copy or original cataloging following national standards and local Cataloging Policies & Procedures
      049 Coding
      Accompanying Materials
      Authority Control Procedures for Catalogers
      Barcode Placement (shelf ready books should arrive barcoded)
      Books of Unusual Sizes
      Classed Together Series, Call Number Deviations from LC
      Design Library Materials-Tips for Cataloging
      INPROCESS Checkout
6. Confirm the Call Number/Item record Item Cat2 = YBPNOCAT
7. Record statistic