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Instructions for creating a custom Serials Solutions Library Specific Holdings Database (also referred to as a Library Managed Holdings Database) for monographic eresources. Library Specific Holdings Databases are created only as a temporary solution to provide access to monographic eresources that are: (1) available in 360 Core but not associated with the provider and database that NCSU Libraries purchased/licensed the resource, and/or, (2) are not included in 360 Core. A SerSol Customer Support ticket should be created for every custom database title created requesting the title(s) be added (or a database created) for the provider and resource purchased/licensed.

Serials Solutions Step by Step Instructions

Create a Library Specific/Library Managed Holdings Database

Data Management > Create New Database

Note: View/Edit permissions must be properly set

New Library Specific Database Page





'Provider' is always set to Library Specific Holdings, which is system supplied. 

Database Name


Use eresource package name and phrase 'Additional Holdings' (e.g. IET Digital Library Additional Holdings). Include provider/vendor name if not already part of the package name.






Online. Select another format if appropriate.

Display In

360 Core



360 Link



360 Search



360 MARC Updates

Check (Leave unchecked if MARC records are not wanted)




Default URL


Supply the base URL for the resource. Omit proxy.

Library Proxy


Check. The exception is free/open access resources, which do not require proxy.

Title Coverage


Uncheck. Since we are adding the titles to this database, it is highly unlikely we only subscribe to some of the titles.

Database Description


Add a description if desired.

Adding Titles to the Library Specific Database

Titles may be added indivudally or by upload:



Uploading Title Information

Viewing Upload Status:

    Database details > View Upload Status

If it failed, click Show Errors below it to view your errors. If it was successful, you may or may not see the Show Errors link. If that link is there, it means there are warnings. Warnings are issues that occurred with your file that did not did not affect its import, but that you may want to look at and, possibly, correct.

Upload Status Errors:

Updating Library Specific Holdings Database

Titles in a Library Specific Holdings Database can be managed the same as other databases (subscribed/not tracked, titles added/deleted, etc):

Deleting Titles:

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