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In 2013 NCSU Libraries initiated a project to display digital bookplates in the public catalog (Endeca) for Library resources acquired with endowment funds. Digital bookplates will enhance the attribution of resources acquired with endowment funding by highlighting endowment bookplates for physical and electronic resources in the OPAC.

Statement of Problem

NCSU Libraries adds locally created endowment and SCRC 710 added entry fields to bibliographic records:

Endowment Fund Authority List

Special Collections SCRC Collection Added Entry Points

All local 710 added entry fields include |5NcRS.

The digital bookplate project is scoped to only resources acquired with endowment funds and does not include SCRC special and virtual collections. IT is using a transformation scheme:

  1. Endeca is programmed to look for a 710 subfield that identifies the resource should display a digital bookplate
  2. Endeca takes data from an identified 710 subfield (710$a)
  3. Script performs a transformation to the 710 subfield data (e.g. rule: transform to all lowercase, remove all punctuation, and replace spaces with dashes)
  4. Script looks up transformed data, matches to bookplate file and displays digital image in Endeca

We needed to find a way to make the local endowment 710 fields unique from the local 710 SCRC fields.

For digital bookplate transformation scheme to work, endowment local 710 added entry fields need to include a subfields that uniquely identifes them from:

  1. All other controlled access points (i.e. 710 fields)
  2. SCRC special and virtual collection local 710 added entry field

All local endowment 710 access point fields will include |5NcRS and |3Endow:

  1. 710 |5NcRS uniquely identfies local 710 endowment and SCRC added entry fields from all other controlled 710 access points
  2. 710 |3Endow uniquely identifies local 710 endowment added access points from local SCRC added access points

710 |3Endow is a local field created to support digital bookplates. Use is not strictly compliant with MARC Bibliographic scope.

'Endow' selected as it allows Sirsi Workflows keyword searching. Most endowment 710 fields include the word 'endowment' making a keyword search to find only those with a |3Endowment ineffective.

ILS Update

Sirsi report Sirsi Endowment_710 Report run

  • Criteria: Item list of all 710 fields that contain |5NcRS
  • Spreadsheet location: G:\Acquisitions & Discovery\Monographs Unit\Projects\Digital Bookplates\Sirsi Endowment_710 Report

Report worked to:

  1. Identify and separate SCRC phsyical and virtual collection 710 access points from endowment 710 access points
  2. Confirm all endowment 710 access points. Some Sirsi cleanup performed: endowment name spelling, field spacing conventions, etc.
  3. Deduped endowment 710 access point bib record catkeys -- report is item list and contains multiple catkeys

Request IT update endowment records by catkey (11/5/2013)

  • File: G:\Acquisitions & Discovery\Monographs Unit\Projects\Digital Bookplates\710$3 Endowment Update Catkey List
  • Add |3Endow to all catkeys with a 710 that contains |5NcRS
    • Including the condition 'contains |5NcRS' should ensure that |3Endow isn't added to any other 710 fields present in the record

IT completed 710 field updates

Local Policy and Procedure

See Endowment Fund Authority List