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The TRLN Collaborative Print Retention Committee has devised standards for annotating member bibliographic records to indicate volumes which are to be retained as potentially sole copies within the consortium. This enables other member libraries to decide to withdraw their own copies, which are not designated under this program, with the understanding that at least one copy will remain available within the Triangle. Titles in this program also become part of the parallel ASERL Print Retention Program, covering research libraries throughout the U.S. Southeast.

The mechanism for recording these notes will be MARC field 583 (Action note), used by the MARC community to record collection and/or preservation actions taken by libraries at the local level. The notes will include a statement of participation as well as a holdings statement indicating covered volumes within the series. Format for these notes is as follows:

583 – |3v.1 (2010)-|aCommitted to retain.|5NcRS|zNCSU has committed this title to the TRLN Collaborative Print Retention Archive.
583 – |3v.1 (2010)-|aCommitted to retain.|5NcRS|zNCSU has committed this title to the ASERL Print Journal Archive.

Currently, these notes are only displayed on the MARC view within member libraries' Endeca skin, but the TRLN Endeca Operations Committee is working on making these display in Search TRLN.