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The Serials Solutions Client Center Upload/Download tool allows two functions:

  1. Download a list of all titles available in a Serials Solutions database. This list may be limited to only selected (i.e. subscribed) titles.
  2. Batch update database holdings. Titles may be batch activated or deactivated.

How to Download a Serials Solutions Database File


  • Downloading Selected Titles is faster for large databases.
  • If you are downloading a title list as a template to use for a batch upload, you can download only Selected Titles.
Download All Titles

In Client Center, navigate to the database titles screen

To download all titles, click Download

Save the file

Download Selected Titles

Select: Filter by: Subscription Status, Selected Titles

Click Apply

Click Download and save the file

How to Open a Downloaded File

How to Edit a Downloaded File

  • When editing a file for upload, entering only the required data usually results in better match rates: Title, ISBN, Type, Status, Display in 360 MARC, Display in 360 Link, Display in 360 Core, Display in Summon.
  • Any field not detailed below should be left blank.
  • If you find you need to use a field not detailed below, see your Supervisor for assistance.
  1. Delete all data from the spreadsheet except the header row (top row)
  2. When edits are complete, save as Unicode Text
Title Field (Required for Upload)
  1. Copy and paste title data into the spreadsheet
  2. Match rate dramatically improves when title data after a colon is removed

From: Animal Teeth and Human Tools: A Taphonomic Odyssey in Ice Age Siberia
To: Animal Teeth and Human Tools

  1. In Excel, open Find and Replace
  2. Find: * (note: there is a space after the colon and before the asterisk)
  3. Replace with: (leave this blank)
  4. Replace all

Copy and paste ISBN data into this field

  • Only 1 ISBN may be entered into the field
  • If mulitple ISBNs are available, prefer them in this order:
  1. Hardback
  2. Paperback
  3. Elecronic
Type Field (Required for Upload)

Field values: Book, Journal

  • For monographs, set all rows to Book

Field values: Subscribed, Not Tracked

  • To activate titles on upload, change Status to Subscribed
  • To deactivate titles on upload, change to Not Tracked
Display in 360 MARC

Field values: Yes, No

  • If we source MARC records for this resource through Serials Solutions, set to Yes
  • If we source MARC records for this resource through a different vendor, set to No

Field values: Yes, No

  • Always set value to Yes
Display in 360 Core

Field values: Yes, No

  • Always set value to Yes
Display in Summon

Field values: Yes, No

  • Always set value to Yes
Example of a typical edited file in Excel

How to Upload an Edited File into Serials Solutions

In Client Center, navigate to the database detail screen

Select Upload

Select Choose File

Browse to the edited, saved unicode text file you created

Select Upload

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