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Also see eBook cleanup

Handling Duplicates
  • Note that we are now putting a "k" for "keep" in the Done column for any pair of duplicates that we are keeping in accordance with Christee's instructions. Add the provider in the notes column. Continue to put an "x" by those pairs where the duplication problem has been rectified.
  • If you are working on an ssj record and there is no 360MARC in the itemcat3, Christee requests that we put one in.
  • In general, if there is a non-ssj record with some type of itemcat2, and an ssj record, leave them both in Sirsi. EXCEPTIONS: OPEN ACCESS OR NCLIVETRLN are ok to delete if there is also an ssj (360MARC) record.
    Special case: PATRONDISC in item cat2:
    If PATRONDISC, record the Title, ISBN, and publisher in Google drive on the Deleted Ebooks : PATRONDISC spreadsheet, then delete the record. Shaun B. will check the list and perform appropriate action on his end.
    Exception to this Exception:
    Note from Collection Management (9/2014): Please do not remove any more titles which are duplicates of the Ebrary "Religion, Philosophy & Classics Subscription Collection". This is temporary collection so we'd like to keep the DDA records alongside the Classics records.
  • Keep Safari records, along with other records. Mark them both “k”. Orion curates these by letting Monographs know when to add or delete records from Safari.
  • OK to delete netLibrary Item cat3 = NETL-SOLT records. Christee will check on how to treat these.
  • Prefer ssj record over another if the provider is the same in both. Verify that the SerSol link works. If it doesnt, try the other link to see if we have access. If neither link works, send catkeys to Christee/Ruth to verify access. If only SerSol link is broken, send ticket to SerSol. If the SerSol link works, delete the non-ssj record and mark both titles with an "x" in the Done column. Delete National Academies Press open access records that have been cataloged individually IF we also have a duplicate ssj record for the same title.
  • If the non-ssj record is a YBP firm order (check the 985 field), keep both records. Mark "k" in the Done column.
  • UNKNOWN in an item cat4 is probably on an old record. Delete if there is other access via another record. If something looks like it comes from NCLive (myilibrary?), and we have other record, delete the NCLive record.
  • SSJ records do not have orders, but other ebook records may have an order attached.  Do not delete any ebook records with orders.
  • Tell Christee about missing volumes from "sets" and broken urls.
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