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INVOICING (Monographs)


Required privileges to receive :

  • Sirsi Workflows -  Full Acquisitions privileges
  • G drive / Acquisitions folder
  • Shared email -

Choose an item from the bookroom and locate the confirmation of shipment in the acq-monographs email

Check the confirmation with the piece in hand; verify it's correct.

Open Acquisitions Module > Modify Order wizard in Sirsi.

  • Search for the item by title (double check for duplicates that might not be noted on order notes)
  • Open the purchase order for the item. 

On your purchase order open the Orderline tab.  Check Orderline Notes, looking for special info:

If there is an orderline note, click “Print Screen” in the File menu and print the resulting document.

  • Insert this document and a “Rush” flag into the item.

Click on the “Segments” tab.

Check the Holding Code for owning Library.  Insert the appropriate library’s flag into the item.

Change both the “Received” and “Loaded” fields to “TODAY.”

YBP NOTE:  Auto loaded invoices from Yankee will automatically be changed to  "TODAY".

Click “Save Your Changes.”

Open Cataloging Module > Call Number and Item Maintenance wizard in Sirsi.

  • Click the “Current” title, which should be your item.
  • Apply a barcode to the item.  Placing a barcode.
  • Highlight the text in the “Item ID” field and scan the barcode.

Open Circulation Module > CheckOut wizard.    (Checking out to INPROCESS)

NOTE: DO NOT check items to INPROCESS with a home location indicating RESERVES, or with an Orderline note indicating an order for a branch library’s Reserves  These will remain ONORDER.

NOTE:  DO NOT check Electronic items out to INPROCESS.  Discharge these items to available

YBP NOTE:  Auto loaded records from Yankee are automatically changed to INPROCESS.

Enter “INPROCESS” into the “User ID” field.

Click the “Item ID” field and scan the barcode.

  • If a “Holds Block Override” window appears, click the “Hold block override” field and type TECHOVER.
  • Click “Override & Checkout Item.”

Catalog the item.

Once the Receiving, Invoicing and cataloging of a piece is complete, place the item on the marking shelves in the workroom.

  • If you inserted a “Rush” flag into the item, place it on the rush marking cart instead.