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----- All references to banking account numbers on the paper invoice need to be redacted with black Sharpie.

RECEIVING (Monographs)

Cancel an Invoice Payment in Workflows

Under-linked YBP invoice problem

YBP invoices with multiple account numbers

YBP invoices -  follow the procedure except for Credit Card notes.  Also, see  additional YBP NOTES below.

Locate single vendor invoices in the e-mail account. Print out the most complete invoice.


Open the “Add Invoice” wizard in Sirsi.

  • Enter the invoice number in the “Invoice ID” field.
    • Most single vendor invoices will use “AUTO” into this field.
    • If your invoice has a specified invoice number, use it.


  • Enter the vendor ID in the “Vendor ID” field.
    • If you do not know the Vendor ID, use the search widget next to this field to find it.


Click “Add Invoice Extended Info.”

  • RECEIVER  -- Initials
  • DATERECVD  --  1/12/13 (current date)


Click “OK.”


Click the “Add Invoiceline” button.


  • Enter the amount from your printed invoice.
  • Add PO# to the "Order ID" field or....
  • Click the widget next to the “Order ID” field and Search for the item by title
    • Highlight the title of the item and click “Display Order.”
    • Highlight the title of the item and click “Invoice Orderline.”

Click “Add Invoiceline.”

Click “Modify Invoiceline.”



For shipping charges do the following:

  • Click the “Add Invoiceline” button.
    • LINE  --   type SHIPPING
    • LINK   --  Dropdown and choose  Price Prorated
    • AMOUNT  -- dollar amount of Shipping / Freight from printed invoice
  • Click “Add Invoiceline.”
  • Click “Modify Invoiceline.”

Open the “Pay Invoice” wizard.

  • Click the link for “Current Invoice,"
  • Click “Pay Selected Lines.”
    • If a window appears with the message “Invoice has been prorated” click “OK.”
  • Click “Close.”
  • Stamp your printed invoice with the “Invoice Verification” stamp.

  • Add your initials in the “Invoice Received” and “Goods/Services Received” fields of the stamp.
  • Add your initials and today’s date outside the upper left corner of the stamp.
  • Add  the invoice number from Sirsi in the upper right corner of the paper.

  •  Stamp your printed invoice with the “CREDIT CARD” stamp.

 Open the “Modify Invoice” wizard.

  • Click the link for “Current Invoice,” which should be your invoice.
  • Click the “Display Funds Summary” button.


Write the account number from Sirsi below the “Invoice Verification” stamp.

  • If more than one account number appears, write down all unique numbers.
  • Note the “Amount Paid” column in Sirsi and write this number next to its corresponding account number.

Create the signature coversheet and place in "invoices to be signed" basket in the bookroom.

YBP/GOBI  or One-time (not credit card)  purchase INVOICES

YBP NOTE:  Invoice Not Auto Loaded:  GOBI invoices not loaded into Sirsi, follow the Single Vendor (above) steps, ignoring instructions to use a credit card stamp or write an invoice number.

----To check if an invoice has been loaded into Sirsi, open the "Modify Invoice" wizard and search by Invoice ID.

YBP NOTE - Invoice Tab: for all invoices

  • Open Modify Invoice and search invoice number
  • Enter your initials in the “RECEIVER” field
  • Enter today’s date in the “DATERECVD” field.

For some ebooks we are ordering Multiple copies. Be sure the Invoice QUANTITY reflects this. If not the invoice will error in Sirsi. This should only happen on 3010-50.

Click “Modify Invoice.”

Open "Add Invoice Lines” wizard and proceed from the step SHIPPING/FREIGHT CHARGES, noting that the “Invoice Verification” stamp may already be partially filled out for you.

Do not apply the “CREDIT CARD” stamp.

YBP NOTE- Project Account Numbers -(Display Fund Summary)  - GOBI  invoices with more than one project account number

  • Note the amount before adding shipping, next to its corresponding account number. YBP Invoices with multiple accounts (firm and endowment purchases)
  • Endowment account (6XXXXX 55600) is followed by the amount of the title on endowment fund;
  • Firm account (214050 55600)  is followed by the total for all Firm items. 

PAYING "Subscription like" Invoices

  • If there is a date range for the material indicated, such as  1-Jan-2018 thru 31-Dec-2018, the date for the "Goods received" should reflect that. 
    • However, the "Invoiced received" line should be the date you received the invoice.
  • If there is a single year indicated for the material, such as 2018 ebooks, the date for the "Goods received" should reflect that. 
    • However, same as above, the "Invoiced received" line should be the date you received the invoice.
  • Create your signature coversheet
  • Before passing invoice on for signatures, write the invoice number and FY on a blank spot on the invoice.  Note as follows: FY2016 invoice #1234.


REDACTING ON ALL Non-Credit Card Invoices  --as of January 25, 2017 per F&B-- 

  • Redact all vendor banking information. (only numbers, not text)  --NOT FOR FOREIGN CURRENCY INVOICES PAID BY CHECK
  • Redact tax ID numbers (FEIN)  from the invoice.  All Gobi invoices have the tax ID # at the top.  Redact on all pages of the invoice.
  • Do not redact address information.
  • Use a black Sharpie  See the before and after images.