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Materials Science Forum is a current monographic series subscription. In March 2014 Orion Pozo requested analyzed bibliographic records be added to the catalog for this title, in addition to the existing serial bibliographic record. To accommodate this request, the Serials Solutions Trans Tech Publications database, which contains the Materials Science Forum content, is manually updated quarterly by the Monographs Unit. This procedure outlines the manual update process in Serials Solutions. For more information about this resource, please see the package profile for Materials Science Forum.

To manually manage the Serials Solutions Trans Tech Publishing database:
  1. Login to SerSol and navigate to the Trans Tech Publishers database
  2. Click on Titles (x of xxxx)
  3. Download all titles
  4. Open text file in Excel by right clicking on the downloaded txt file and choosing open in excel
  5. Sort by 'Default URL'. Remember to select the range of the data including the headers but ignore the first severals rows of text and then sort. 
  6. Find URLs that end in '/MSF.' (e.g.
  7. Two options:
    1. SerSol download/upload, edit with Excel (recommended for more than 5 titles)
      1. If choose to do this way, you'll need to download all titles: subscribed and not subscribed. 
      2. For all MSF Book (type), change status to SUBSCRIBED for any 'Not Tracked'
        1. Materials Science Forum journal (type) is and should remain subscribed. Other journal titles may be activated in this database -- leave them alone.
      3. Save as unicode file
      4. Upload document to SerSol
    2. Activate by hand in SerSol client center (recommended for less than 5 titles)
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