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Receive CORAL Alert e-mail.

Log-in to CORAL using your Unity ID 

  • Click the "My Queue" tab to locate resources that have been assigned to you queue. 

  • Choose the title; Click to open
  • Open the Workflow" tab and "mark complete" in the "Acknowledge Request" row.
  • Open the "Product" tab

Search the title in Sirsi.

  • If the title appears in Sirsi, check for the selector on the "Product" tab of CORAL resource.
  • Contact the selector and ask if an additional copy of the product is desired.
    • If an additional copy is desired, proceed.
    • If an additional copy is not desired stop here and inform the specialist.  The CORAL resource will be removed.
  • Open the "Acquisitions" tab to locate the fund code. 
    • If the code is missing, refer to the Notes on the "Product" tab.
    • If needed contact selector for a fund code.
  • Open the "Access" tab to find the home library
  • Refer to the Notes field for any additional information.

Search the fund in Sirsi using the “Display Fund (All Cycles)” wizard.

  • Look at the “Financial” tab, make sure there are enough funds to cover the purchase.
  • If the amount exceeds the free cash amount, contact BC/HD or Selector about the problem (copy Specialist ).
  • If another fund is given, search and check the new fund.

  • If a URL is present in the CORAL “Resource URL” field,  (for physical books check Gobi first),
  • If not in Gobi follow the link and proceed.
  • If a URL is not present use the Firm Order Vendor Preference Guide for Monographs.
  • Amazon login problem (seems to be fixed, but just in case)
  • Order the product per the instructions on the vendor’s website.
    • For any credit card problems contact the Unit Head, copy Specialist.  The card owner (Unit Head) will need to contact the back.
  • Search for the title in OCLC Connexion and export an appropriate record: OCLC Connexion Record Download.
  • If there is no matching record in OCLC Connexion create a Temporary or Brief record (ALWAYS create Temp record for Media orders)

ADD a Basic Order. : follow "Create basic order for Monographs" process 

  • Enter the Vendor ID. 
    • Many credit card purchases will use PayPal. (Vendor = PAYPALMONO) Add an Orderline note with the vendor information/website.

  • Click “Add Order Extended Info.”\
    • COMMENT = Order # if known

On Segment Tab

  • Enter the “Fund ID” provided in CORAL.
  • Select the “Holding code” provided in CORAL. (check Locations if you are unclear)
  • Click “Add Orderline.”
  • Click “Save Your Changes.”

Check item out to "ONORDER" following ONORDER Checkout Procedure for Monographs

  • In CORAL, click "Workflow."
  • Click "mark complete" in the "Place Order" row.


Follow all the steps above for a BASIC SINGLE VENDOR ORDER. Additionally:

  • Open your PO in the “Modify Order” wizard.
  • Copy any relevant priority order information from the “Additional Notes” field in CORAL.

  • Paste the information into the “NOTE” field of the “Orderline” tab in Sirsi.

  • Click “Save Your Changes.”

If a hold is required, follow these steps in this document: Place Hold for Monographs..

  • In CORAL, click “Workflow”
  • Click “mark complete” in the “Add Patron Hold” row.


Log in to GOBI.

Search for the product you wish to order.

  • Highlight the field next to the desired product and click “Rush.”
  • Select “3010-02” from the “Subaccount” drop-down menu, you will need to monitor and add the hold after the record loads.
  • If you are ordering an added copy or added volume, select “3010-03” at this time. When you have completed the rest of the PRIORITY YBP (GOBI) ORDERING steps, refer to the Create Basic Order page to create a PO for the item.
  • Select the fund code from the drop down menu in GOBI.
  • Refer to the “Additional Notes” field in CORAL to find out the appropriate holding code.
  • Select the holding code from the drop down menu in GOBI.
  • Select the appropriate vendor from the “Vendor Code” drop down menu.
  • Copy any additional, relevant information (such as patron hold information) from the “Additional Notes” field in CORAL.
  • Paste this information into the "Notify" or “Comments (ACQ)” field in GOBI.
  • If you ordered on the “3010-03” subaccount, paste the additional information in the “NOTE” field on the Orderline tab of the PO you will create.

Click “Continue.”

The next window - Click the box next to “I accept these terms.”

Click “Submit Rush Order.”


If a patron notify was indicated in the “Additional Notes” field of CORAL, follow the instructions on the Place Hold for Monographs page.

For information on ordering Gobi selections:  BASIC YBP (GOBI) SELECTIONS ORDERING 

ORDERING PDF FILES - most pdfs require a license check.  Assign Coral request to ERL

Often times selectors order from professional websites who will provide material in PDF format.

PDF files will arrive in the email.

In many cases selectors want these files will be printed, cataloged and bound.  (more than 150 pages, send to Preservation to print and they will send back for cataloging

  • Load the document into Adobe
  • Change settings, print on 2 sides of paper.
  • Send to printer in Rm5714 or Rm5712.
  • Review the printout
  • Clip together and give to staff to catalog
  • Send printout to Preservation with necessary flags and other any instructions

If the selector wants to store a copy in the Dark Archive (Bookbot)

  • Forward the file to Preservation (copy Jamie Bradway)
  • Ask them to put the file on CD and store in the Dark Archive. (Home Location)