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NCSU Libraries occassionally reformats VHS tapes to DVD to continue to provide access to older format course materials. Not all VHS and older format resources can be converted to DVD. Collection Managment obtains conversion rights and permissions. As part of those permissions, NCSU Libraries must ensure that after conversion the VHS tape is not available for circulation. The Libraries may keep the VHS tape as an archival copy. A reformatting use note is placed in the ILS item record.

If A&D receives a converted DVD outside of a known project, please check with your supervisor before processing the DVD. Superviors should confirm with ADS and/or Collection Management that the conversion rights and permissions are in place.

  • Materials with a RUSH flag should be expedited
  • A&D will receive both the VHS tape and DVD
  • DVDs go to TEACH-DVD
  • VHS tapes go to bookBot (shadowed)

VHS Tape

  1. Discharge the VHS tape and checkout to CATALOGING
  2. Open VHS bib record in Sirsi
  3. In the Call Number/Item record:
    1. Note the current library and home location (the DVD will use the same library and home location)
    2. Update:
      1. Library = BOOKBOT
      2. Home Location = STACKS
      3. Item record = SHADOW ITEM
      4. Note: Some VHS tapes already use the library BOOKBOT and home location STACKS. In this case, you only need to shadow the item record.
    3. Add circ note: This VHS tape was reformatted to DVD in 2016 and should not circulate. Use the DVD format. Contact Collection Management for more information.
    4. Save and close the record


Add Duplicate Title

Wizard Properties

Set Wizard Properties:

Title default values

Format = VM
Add item when creating title = Checked

Call number default values

Library = DHHILL
Class scheme = LC

Item required default values

Home location = MEDIA-CIRC

If you receive the Sirsi Duplicate Title message, "The format of the record you are about to duplicate is Visual materials format. The format you have in your properties is Books format. Having different formats will force you to delete some data. You can select the format you want to use for the new record," either select "VM" from the drop-down menu or cancel and change the Duplicate title wizard properties above.

Bib Record Edits

  • REMOVE  918    (Do not forget this step)
  • Remove 001
  • Remove 003
  • Update 007 field

"d" for videodisc instead of "f" for videocassette
"v" for DVD instead of "b" for VHS
"i" for sound on the videodisc instead of "h" for sound on the videotape
"z" for Other (dimensions) instead of "r" for 3/4 in.

  • Remove 035 field(s)
  • Update 245 |h (if necessary)

For AACR2 records, the |h should be "[videorecording]"
If you have an RDA or hybrid record (unlikely as these will be old records), the 338 will need to be fixed "videodisc|bvd|2rdacarrier"

  • Update the 300 field.

"videocassette" becomes "videodisc" ; "1/2 in." becomes "4 3/4 in."

  • Check and edit 508 field for completness. Add if absent and information is available on VHS container.
  • Check and edit 511 field for completness. Add if absent and information is available on VHS container.
  • Update 538
    "DVD, Region 0"
  • Check and edit 7XX fields for completness based on 508 and 511 fields.

590 note: DVD is a locally reformatted copy from VHS tape.

Call Number/Item Record Edits

  • Use the same call number as the VHS tape. If the VHS tape was not classified, provide a full call number for the DVD.
  • Barcode the DVD
  • Library and home location
    • Library = DHHILL
    • Type = TEACH-DVD
    • Home location = MEDIA-CIRC
  • Add circ note: This DVD may only be used on the premises of the library or for classroom use.
  • Check DVD out to INPROCESS
  • Rubberband the VHS tape and DVD together
  • Send both the VHS tape and DVD to Preservation


Preservation staff will:

  1. Repackage the DVD
  2. Perform DVD marking and shelf prep
  3. Apply the reformatting note sticker to the DVD: "This DVD may only be used on the premises of the library or for classroom use."
  4. Send the VHS tape to the BOOKBOT, attn: Carl Piraneo
  5. Send the DVD to the Hill ADS (location: TEACH-DVD)
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