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In Sirsi bib records, qualifiers should be added to all print and electronic ISSNs, with the exception of ISSNs on brief records and SSJ records.

Each bib record will have a unique ISSN for the print and/or electronic format in either 022|a or 022|y, as applicable. (The ISSN for the alternate format, the one not represented in the bib record, is added in the 022|y to facilitate the rollup of different formats on the same resource record in E-Matrix. This is a local use of the 022|y, which is officially used to designate incorrect ISSNs that have somehow been associated with a resource.)

Note: Sometimes an ISSN has not yet been assigned for the electronic format, and only the print ISSN is associated with the electronic resource. And, occasionally, there may only be an electronic ISSN, and the print ISSN has not yet been assigned.

ISSNs can be verified through the ISSN Portal at or through the Ulrich Web Directory.

Each ISSN should be listed on separate 022 fields. In addition, there may also be a separate linking ISSN (ISSN-L) in the 022|l. The ISSN-L links to different versions of a continuing resource, but not earlier or later titles.

Example of Print Record with electronic ISSN Added:

022 ## |a 1234-1234 (print)
022 ## |y 5678-5678 (electronic)
022 ## |l 1234-1234