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Alexander Street Press Video Collection Set Transformation

Add or edit fields/subfields:

856 40

  • Add proxy
  • $z Alexander Street Press $y View resource online (NCSU only)

Example: Find what: 856  40$uhttp:// ; Replace with: 856  40$zAlexander Street Press$yView resource online (NCSU only)$u

Add a 773 $t appropriate for the set:

    • American History in Video
    • Disability in the modern world
    • Engineering Case Studies Online
    • Ethnographic Video Online
    • LGBT Studies in Video
    • World History in Video

949 - $hONL-VIDSTR (MARCEdit: Add Field -- Field: 949 ; Field Data:

Removing expired titles

Alexander Street Press will occasionally remove title from this set. These will need to be deleted from the catalog:

  • Change the Leader/05 character to "d".
  • Load the records into Sirsi using the Load Bibliographic Records report and select the "Deleted" option in the "Process bibliographic delete status" section.

Changing the Leader/05 in MARCEdit is not a simple find/replace. You have to use regular expressions to locate the correct character to replace:

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