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Monographs Unit use Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks (KB) to manage ebook packages and ebook single titles. This document provides instruction on Serials Solutions database selection and activation for ebook packages and single ebook titles.

Ebook Packages

To choose which database to activate for a ebook package, we need to consider what we own and what are available in Serials Solutions. We want to make sure the titles in the database that we activate match with what we own.
Here are some basic guidelines on database selection and activation:

  • Make our best  judgement by matching on the subject and/or the collection year when initially activate the database. The ebook reconciliation process will ensure all titles are activated correctly.
  • If there are titles in the database, verify the access to a few titles before activating the database.
  • If there are no titles in the database yet, just activate it.
  • If the database is not presented in Serials Solutions, request SerSol to add it and activate it when it’s available.
  • Choose the option to subscribe to all titles in the database. This option allows Serias Solutions to manage title update including title addition and deletion, and it requires the least work for local maintenance.
  • Activate 360 Core, 360 Link, 360 MARC Updates and Summon.

When a new database is activated in Serials Solutions, we need to:

  • Update ebook package profiles to record Serials Solutions database name and the activation date.
  • Add the SerSol database name in E_Access field for the PO in Sirsi.
Ebook Single Titles

For ebook single titles, we use SerSol databases to keep track of what we own and make them discoverable in Endeca through summon and 360 link. This can be a YBP purchase or a purchase directly from a non-YBP vendor.

YBP Single Titles: Providers/Databases

For YBP single title purchase, currently, we purchase ebook titles from several providers including: EBL, EbscoHost, Ebrary, CRC Press, ProjectMuse and Cambridge. Below is a list of such providers and databases in SerSol:

  • Ebook Library: ebook library
  • EBSCOhost: ebooks on ebscohost
  • Ebrary: ebrary Perpetual Access, PDA and STL
  • CRC Press: CRCnetBASE All Titles
  • Walter de Gruyter: De Gruyter eBooks
  • ProjectMuse: UPCC Books - Single Title
  • Cambridge University Press: Cambridge Books Online (need to change to a different database)
  • Elsevier: ScienceDirect eBooks (Elsevier titles now available from YBP and MARC records will source from YBP. Previous Elsevier singles titles have OCLC MARC records.)

For these titles, we choose the option to subscribe to only some of the titles in the database, and 360 MARC is deactivated since we are getting MARC records from YBP.  

YBP Single Titles: SerSol Activation Workflow
  • YBP sends emails with these titles to
  • RG assign titles to staff
  • Staff verify access and activate titles in the appropriate database in SerSol
  • If the database containing the title is not activated yet, staff will notify RG and consult with the unit ERL to activate an appropriate database.

The SerSol title activation workflow map is on confluence. 

Non-YBP Single Titles

If a title is not available from YBP, we’ll purchase it directly from a third-party vendor.

Streaming Video Packages

For streaming video packages, we activate SerSol  zero title databases to make them discoverable  through Summon and 360 link.  Serials Solutions does not provide title-level content or MARC records for streaming video content.  As of 2019, NCSU has activated zero title databases for SAGE and Alexander St Press (Proquest) video collections.

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