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  • There is no need to add an 090 to the local bibliographic record.
  • If you are looking up a call number for Shelflisting, use as reference the call number in the item record.
  • If you have a classed together series, the authoritative source for the call number is our local series authority record.NOTE: Due to the volume of outsourcing, Acquisitions & Discovery staff can no longer maintain classed together series and call number deviations from LC. We must accept copy as is, but will also alter any records at the request of a collection manager.
  • If an 090 or 050 exists in a record that is flatly wrong, go ahead and delete it. But, do not routinely delete 090s, 050s, 060s, 082s or 086s, as they might be useful in other contexts, such as in enabling catalogers to find an LC number when their copy contains only a class number from another system.
  • 050 14 (first indicator = 1, 2nd indicator = 4) should be added to original records submitted to OCLC as full level cataloging requires the presence of a call number, and 050 is the preferred call number field.

  • As to why we use 090s rather than 050 14, it is OCLC practice for LCC libraries to use 090 and Dewey libraries to use 092 for locally-assigned call numbers. In the card era, OCLC used 090/049 for formatting. You might have seen some of the 049 bracketed information that was supposed to print above or below the call number, like "[Ref.]" in older records in our catalog.