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Moving an order occurs when a provisional/brief and a full record exist for the same title. The goal is to move the order number off the incomplete record and onto the existing full order record to ensure both items will fall on a single full record order. This will also be necessary when a volume with a provisional record needs to be added to a record with existing volumes.

This procedure is intended for single items. Should there be multiple items to be moved, check with Acquisitions before continuing.

  • Begin in the Cataloging module.
  • Using the Modify Title wizard, open the item record of the bibliographic target record  (the "good" or record you are linking to).
  • Verify this is the full record, or the "good" record.
  • Notate the Item ID number (barcode or auto number ). 
  • Using Modify Title, open the bibliographic record of the title in which the order record will be removed.

Be sure to set this title as the "Current title" before continuing

  • Select the Acquisitions module.
  • Open the Orders toolbar.
  • Click on Modify Order wizard.
  • Select the Current Title.
  • Open the Title info tab.
  • Click on Change Title Link button (pencil with chain link) on the Modify Order helpers (icons) across the top.  This button only appears on the Title Info tab.
  • In the box that appears...Remove the call number line.
  • Change the Item ID to the ID of the "good" record...the one you previously noted. (barcode or auto ID)
  • Click the diamond shape  at the end of the bib entries line
  • In the window that appears, toggle over to _Full, _then click OK.
  • Click OK to close that box. The record that appears on the Title Info tab should now be the full record. 
  • Click Save your Changes, then Finish.  A box may appear asking if you want to move another order.  Click Save and Close.
  • Verify by Displaying the order. Two order invoice numbers should be recorded.  For added confirmation, double check that an order no longer exists on the record you will not be using.
  • At this the Cataloging module,  open the brief/provisional record (record to be removed) and click on the Delete Title wizard 
  • Delete the record/item.
  • Add item to the final "good" record.