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[Nuclear Engineering departmental collection]

                               Locations in red are shadowed.
                          Complete listing of Library location codes

"Working collections" is the name given to departmental collections of library materials which are spread throughout the campus. While the NCSU Libraries provides bibliographical control for these materials, the collections are not part of the Libraries, but rather report to the parent department. In some cases, materials comprising these collections are housed in small rooms with bookshelves and a nearby secretary who orders, shelves, and circulates the materials. In other cases, the materials are dispersed throughout faculty offices and exist as a collection only through the catalog. Several of these collections have closed over the past number of years, and have sent what remains of their collections to the NCSU Libraries. Animal Science, Plant Physiology, Physics, and Zoology have closed. Others, like Botany, Economics & Business, Chemistry, and Political Science, have not closed, but are no longer represented in the catalog.

Example of Nuclear Engineering book in DHHILL/WC-NUCENG. Note that location itself is shadowed; there is no need to toggle the shadow options to prevent display.

Currently, materials heading to all working collections except MATH will be assigned to DHHILL as the holding library and will use one of the WC- locations. These locations are shadowed and materials assigned to one of these will not display in the public catalog. This was a policy decision made on migration to Unicorn by Collection Management. The Mathematics Dept. is the only non-shadowed location among the working collections and it should be assigned to WORKCOLL as its library as this is necessary to enable circulation policies there. The old WC-MATH location code has been discontinued in favor of MATH.

Example of Mathematics Dept. book in WORKCOLL/MATH. This location will display in the catalog.

CHANGE IN POLICY for Books with accompanying materials for Math Working Collection: In order to facilitate checkout of books with accompanying materials at the Math Library, NO LONGER BARCODE ACCOMPANYING CD-ROMS, DVD-ROMs or other accompanying materials that are located inside the book. Do NOT change the number of pieces for the book Call Number/Item record. Mention the accompanying material in the 300 |e as usual.