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Video Games (console & VR) Genre Headings

Add genre heading for video games to Sirsi record only:

Console Video Game Genre Headings

VR Video Game Genre Headings

655 #7 |aIBM PC video games.|2NcRS

655 #7 HTC Vive video games|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo 3DS video games.|2NcRS

655 #7 Oculus Go video games|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo DS video games.|2NcRS

655 #7 Oculus platform video games|2NcRS
655 #7 |aNintendo Switch video games.|2NcRS
655 #7 Oculus Quest video games|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo Wii video games.|2NcRS

655 #7 Oculus Rift video games|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo Wii U video games.|2NcRS

655 #7 Oculus Rift S video games|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 2 video games.|2NcRS

655 #7 Sony Playstation VR video games|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 3 video games.|2NcRS

655 #7 Steam platform video games|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 4 video games.|2NcRS

655 #7 Virtual reality video games|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation Portable(PSP) video games.|2NcRS

655 #7 Windows Mixed Reality video games|2NcRS
655 #7 |aSteam platform video games|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox 360 video games.|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox One video games.|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox video games.|2NcRS

If applicable (there are accessories or other peripherals), add a genre heading for the peripheral:

Video Game Console Genre Headings

Video Game Peripheral Device Genre Headings

655 #7 |aNintendo 3DS (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo 3DS (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo DS (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo DS (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 $aNintendo Switch (Video Game Console).|2NcRS655 #7 $aNintendo Switch (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo Wii (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo Wii (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo Wii U (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo Wii U (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 2 (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 2 (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 3 (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 3 (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 4 (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 4 (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation Portable (PSP) (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation Portable(PSP) (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox 360 (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox 360 (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox One (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox One (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

538 System Requirements

Make sure the 538 system requirements note is complete based on package notes and contains platform information

Video Games (console & VR) Classification

DH Hill

Call Number



Use for PC/MAC software games


Use for console games (e.g. Wii, Playstation, Xbox)


Use for non-computer fantasy/role playing games (e.g. Dungeon & Dragons, Magic Cards, etc.)

  • Apply a single cutter for the name of the game (e.g. GV1469.25 .M37 for Mario Kart) ; for game franchises & series, do the best you can - it probably won't be perfect & that's OK  

Call Number



Use for all VetMed video games

  • Apply a single cutter for the name of the game (e.g. GV1469.25 .M37 for Mario Kart) ; for game franchises & series, do the best you can - it probably won't be perfect & that's OK  

Item Record - Console games (CD/DVD-ROM)


The collection manager will specify in the order if the game is for 4 hour, in-library circulation only. They are shelved at the Hill or Hunt circulation desk. The collection manager will note the library at the point of order.

  • Type = GAME-4HR
  • Home Location = CIRCDESK
  • ItemCat1 = GAME
Floating Collection Games

Beginning December 2012, the circulating video games will become a floating collection between Hill and Hunt libraries. Collection managers will note at the point of order the library where the game should be initially shelved. After checkout, games in this collection will be shelved based on where they are returned. Games returned to branch libraries will be forwarded to either Hill or Hunt by the branch.

  • Fund code: HSFIR-DIGA
  • Library
    • At order: collection manager will specify which library the game should be initially shelved. Sirsi library should match that preference.
    • At circulation: game will be shelved at library where it is returned. (Games returned to branch libraries will be forwarded to either Hill or Hunt.)
  • Type = GAME
  • Home Location = FLOATGAME
  • ItemCat1 = GAME
Design and VetMed Games
  • Type = GAME
  • Home Location = MEDIA
  • ItemCat1 =GAME
Floating Collection Games with Accompanying Materials

If the accompanying material is not essential to the use of the game:

  1. Catalog the game as a single stand-alone piece
  2. Send the accompanying pieces to Colin Nickels (User Experience)


One barcode per container:

  1. Placed lower front avoiding the call number area and trying not to obsure container visuals
  2. Accompanying booklets or other materials
  3. Only barcode special accompanying devices
  4. Barcode accompanying booklets or other materials only on request

Transferring Games to the bookBot

Bib Record
  1. Confirm the correct local genre video game heading is present
  2. Remove all other genre headings from the record
Call Number/Item Record

Call library = BOOKBOT
Type = GAME
Home location = STACKS
Itemcat 1 = GAME

Textual Acompanying Materials (e.g. setup or instruction booklet)
  • If accompanying textual materials, like a setup or instruction booklet were barcoded at the time of cataloging, apply the Accompanying Materials policy:
    • Delete the call number/item record for the accompanying textual material and mark out the barcode on the item
Gaming Equipment Accompanying Materials (e.g. hardware specifically for use with intended game, like the Disney Infinity gaming characters)

If the accompanying material is hardware intended or required for use when playing that specific game, and is packaged with the game in a single box, apply the Accompanying Materials policy:

  • Treat all pieces as a single item with one barcode
  • The call number/item record should reflect the game (not the accompanying materials)
  • Make sure the barcode is placed on the box

If the accompanying hardware is boxed separately from the game:

  • Create separate call number/item records for the game and the accompanying materials

If the accompanying hardware is not housed with the game and does not have its original box:

  • Send the accompanying hardware to Preservation and request it be boxed
  • When returned from Preservation, create separate call number/item records for the game and the accompanying materials

Downloadable games

Ordering:  see: Online game Order & Download

  • Form:q
  • 007 $b u --Code other values as normal for physical version
  • If deriving from an existing record, remove 020s, 024s, and 028s that apply to the physical media.
  • Add an 024 with the Amazon ASIN
  • 300 $a computer file
  • 336 computer program $b cop $2 rdacontent
  • 336 two-dimensional moving image $b tdi $2 rdacontent
  • 337 computer $b c $2 rdamedia
  • 338 other $b cz $2 rdacarrier
  • 538 remove any system requirements that apply only to the physical media
  • 588 include a note if the record is based off of another version
  • 776 linking to the physical version (if applicable)
  • Include the same genre/console 655s as in the physical media

Completed records will be uploaded to OCLC

For game add-ons / extra modules / DLCs, we will not catalog the extra content separately from the game.  Add any extra content as a 590 note to the original game.  If warranted, add 730 title tracings for additional game content as needed. See Beat Saber record for an example.

Item record

Downloaded video games are available in both the Hill and Hunt Game Labs. Create two call number records: one for Hill Game Lab and a second for Hunt Game Lab.

Hill Game Lab Call Number/Item Record:

  • Library = DHHILL
  • Item ID = AUTO
  • Type = GAME
  • Home location = GAMELAB

Hunt Game Lab Call Number/Item Record:

  • Library = HUNT
  • Item ID = AUTO
  • Type = GAME
  • Home location = GAMELAB

VRGame locations (for specific instructions by platform, see VR (Virtual Reality) Games:
  • available in both Hill & Hunt

    • Library = DHHILL

    • Item ID = AUTO

    • Type = GAME

    • Home location = VRSTUDIO

    • Library = HUNT

    • Item ID = AUTO

    • Type = GAME

    • Home location = VRLAB

  • Some games are also available in the Design library
    • Library = DESIGN

    • Item ID = AUTO

    • Type = GAME

    • Home location = VRPOD

Policy/Procedure History

Policy/Procedure updated 2018/2019 to reflect addition of VR games, and fund codes for streaming games (4/3/19 - lkw)

Policy/procedure updated per D. Orcutt 11/14/2011 (cpa)

  • Gift video games should be type=GAME and location=GROUND-RR (same as games ordered on DIGA)

Policy/procedure change per D. Woodbury, D. Orcutt & T. Reade 8/17/2011 (cpa)

  • Eliminating use of 753 and 250 for console information. Prefer use of 655 genre heading (above).
  • Ensure 538 system note is complete
  • Project: Update all video games to comply with new policy

Policy/proceudre change per T. Reade 3/15/2011 (cpa)

  • Hill circulating games use home location = CIRCDESK. Prior home location = MEDIA.

Policy/procedure change per D. Orcutt and C. Pascale 7/29/2010.  Prior to 8/2010 the following policy/procedure applied:

  • Use Item Type GAME for all games except those housed in the Learning Commons (these should be GAME-4HR); loan period will be determined by branch circ policies for GAME
  • Games should be assigned to Location MEDIA except games going to the Learning Commons, which will have location TECHLEND
  • All materials going to TECHLEND need an appropriate Item Cat1. For games, it is GAME!