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Short 'n' Sweet: A 560 note using standard language  will be added to e-book records in the local catalog if needed.  Most of the ebook records needing this type of note will come from our vendors (YBP /SerSol) and will already have the boilerplate language included

506 field: 

  1. For limited access, add the following note text as appropriate:

    1. Access is limited to one user at a time

    2. Access is limited to three users at a time

    3. If/when we have access models that deviate from the above, the pattern of “Access limited to X users at a time” could be followed.

  2. IF the ebook has unlimited simultaneous users, DO NOT add any note

  3. Do not pull from the online ebook site.  Limited User Access (X Copies Available)

Original Cataloging: The 506 note is local.  When performing original cataloging in OCLC, do not include a 506 note.  If needed, add the 506 note after exporting an original record from OCLC into the local catalog.

506 Field Example

506 _ _ Access is limited to one user at a time.

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