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Database Maintenance (

annualRob L. & Mono Unit staff
delete 650/655/690: Electronic books | Ebooks; Electronic journals | Ejournals; Streaming videos2x yearRob L (monographs) Tessa M. (serials)
Ebook cleanup (

ongoingRob L. & Mono unit staff
purge deleted authority records ("d" in 05 of the leader) : documentannualDawn P.
User Access note (506) review & cleanupannual?Rob L.

Batch Marc Record QC:

MarcEdit QC task list

MarcEdit record validation

Marc record scoring rubric (done on a sample set of records)

as needed :

upon receipt of initial receipt of Marc files from new vendor (any file size); large (5K or more) Marc record sets; or after update of technical specifications to SerSol / YBP/ other

For 360 loads, we'll do QC on a few batches & monitor the frequency/type of errors. If error rates are consistently low, we'll stop QC on SerSol records - except when updating technical specifications

Rob L. & Lynn W.
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