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Requests will be sent via Coral or through Gobi selections by the CR&S   (endowment funds assigned on your Gobi fund list)

Follow the Monographs ordering procedure

  • CORAL  - If a URL/Vendor is not specified, Endowments orders will follow the same Vendor Order Preference.
  • Hardcover preferred
  • Endowments are not considered a Rush, unless a Hold/Notify is clearly stated. 
  • Be sure to review the Gobi details placed by Selectors, for correct endowment sub-account and endowment fund
  • Be sure Fund Codes entered into Sirsi are correct. 

NEW 7/20/2020 (Per FOL) Printed bookplates will only be added in certain instances. see Endowment/Gifts and Associate Funds


Gobi selections orders:

    • Sub-Accounts to order on
      • Print = 3010-14
      • Rush from Gobi use 3010-03  --ordering CORAL firm rush from Gobi.
      • Electronic = 3010-58

    • Funds and Locations (HEFIR, DEFIR, NEFIR)
      • as requested

CORAL orders:  

  • Order from Gobi
    • Rush from Gobi use 3010-03  --ordering CORAL firm rush from Gobi.
    • Print = 3010-14
    • Electronic3010-58
  • Order from Amazon

  • Add  this Orderline Note to POs
    • "Follow Endowment Procedure


  • Follow normal cataloging procedures
  • Cataloging:  Add 590 note to mirror bookplate text;    Add 710 to reflect endowment authority.

For all others add the 590 / 710 only.

      • Add Custom bookplate for the "endowment name" to those that require it
      • Create a  bookplate with this text, for those that require it,  "This book was presented by "endowment name" (replace with actual wording).
        • Bookplate text - see:  Endowment/Gifts and Associate Funds
        • BookPlate Template - G:\Acquisitions & Discovery\Monographs Unit\Gifts\PROCEDURES\BOOKPLATES\Bookplates for Books\Bookplate Donor Name-Endowment Gifts
        • When creating bookplates, be sure to use using the current template with the colored logo.  
        • Check the fileroom drawer "13" for bookplates previously made.

EBOOK 3010-58 Invoices

Updating Bib record when paying invoice

  • Search each title record and apply the 710 note using the Endowment Fund Authority List, as indicated above. 
    • Copy exact text from column 1.
  • Also add a 590 with the text of the bookplate for specified endowments, found here.


ALL Print and Ebook INVOICES  – LIST ALL ACCOUNTS on Display Fund Summary before Paying/Pro-rating

  • It is essential to record the account, found on the "Display Fund Summary", correctly onto the pdf invoice.
  • Watch for multiple accounts - YBP invoices with more than one Account number/Project ID.

For further review regarding multiple accounts.